Climb to the crater of Stromboli

Departure h 12:30 - Return h 24:00

€ 90,00 - Including volcanologist guide

scalata cratere stromboli, stromboli eruzione vulcano, escursione sciara eolie, vulcan, eruzione, sciara del fuoco, esplosioni, eruzioni After our departure from Lipari, we sail past the island of Panarea, then through the smaller islets near Panarea, where, in the summer months, at the discretion of our captain, we stop for a swim.

After our departure from the village, we head for the little islets off the coast, to show you the fumaroles that bubble up from the sea bed, after which we head for the island of Stromboli, passing by the islet of Basiluzzo. Arriving on the island of Stromboli, you have enough free time to visit the village of Stromboli.

After that we will accompany you to the MAGMATREK Volcanological Guides office, from where you depart for the new naturalistic path along the side of the volcano, to the observation point at 400m, to watch the strombolian activity of the volcano.

The walk takes approximately 5 hours, during which you will have a detailed geological, historical and naturalistical explanation of the island and its volcano.

The time of arrival back on Lipari depends on the time of year of the excursion.

Departure h 12.30 - Return h 24.00
90,00 € including volcanologist guide (*)

N.B. All our excursions are in boats that only carry small numbers of passengers, because we aim for a quality experience.


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